Partners For Good

JH Friday Food Project is privileged to work with the following outstanding partners dedicated to community enrichment and tackling important social issues such as food insecurity.   



Holland & Hart Foundation

A 501(c)(3) organization with three primary goals:

  1. Create opportunities for individual and group volunteerism at Holland & Hart
  2. Foster a greater sense of community among the attorneys and staff of Holland & Hart; and
  3. Support the local and broader communities in which Holland & Hart practices professionally.

To achieve these goals, Holland & Hart attorneys, staff, friends, families and clients participate in volunteer-driven community events organized by the Foundation's board and office committees.


Old Bill's Fun Run

Over the past 19 years, Old Bill’s Fun Run For Charities has helped local charities raise over  $121 million to help house homeless pets, feed the hungry, teach our children and protect Jackson’s natural beauty. 


Hole Food Rescue

HFR's mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in our community. It  distributes excess food from grocery stores, bakeries, farms, and several local businesses to organizations serving the at-risk, in-need residents of Teton County, WY. Ultimately reducing the amount of edible food sent to Bonneville County Landfill - 101 miles away! - while creating more food security in our community.